Hubrox Hoclus

is a time a time clock and attendace software designed to facilitate HR departments, reducing cost and time when making payroll. It is free for up to 20 employees.

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Have all the information of your employees and allow them to punch in and out when they have to do mobile work. Knowing the location where they did it.


With Hoclus, you can create Shifts and also departments. You can allocate employees those shifts or departments deppending on your needs.


Monitor time manually or leave Hoclus do it for you and send you allerts when something has triggered.

What's New?

Some Features

Hoclus was designed to make simple timesheets. It only requires any computer, tablet or smartphone and you can begin using it in less that 5 minutes.

Avoid Buddy Punching, Hoclus is going to be integrated with Face recognition technology. Employees will be punched in or out but if the face does not match with previous records, a notification will be sent to the manager.

Get alerts if employees arrive late, or leave before the scheduled time. You can also customize this alerts.

Make pre-made reports whenever you need need it or customize your own reports. They can get them on pdf, or excell files.

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